identity matrix

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i·den·ti·ty ma·trix

a square matrix in which the quantities on the diagnonal from top left to bottom right are all equal to 1 and all the other entries are 0.
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Let us now denote by T the n x n matrix which differs from the identity matrix only at row k, and whose coefficients in row number k are defined by [t.
The output SINR of the TDL beamformer is computed by (55)-(57) with w, [MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII], and E replaced by the corresponding TDL weight vector, the TDL correlation matrices, and the identity matrix, respectively.
In the first case, the frame is close to a Riesz basis, when the recovery is impossible and R becomes the identity matrix.
Thus the identity matrix I will have ones on eight diagonals and zeros elsewhere.
Thus, the elimination procedure results in an identity matrix rather than a triangular matrix.
We first map the input space into a feature space via non-linear mapping and make the covariance structure of mapped data be an identity matrix to make the problem of ICA estimation simpler and better conditioned (the detail algorithm will be explained later).
Jeff Dafler and Ross Jackson then discussed "Freedom as Ego-Nihilism," in which they used the mathematical model of the identity matrix to explore what we mean by "the real self.
If we denote by I the identity matrix, then the characteristic polynomial of G is defined as P ([lambda]) = det [[lambda]I - A].
When this activity was carried out with a group of Singapore secondary school students, many reached the conclusion by showing that the pre-multiplication of the KEY by the LOCK produced the identity matrix.
At the top of the map, the more general matrix is linked to its neighboring nodes identity matrix and I=[AA.
This is a polynomial f(x) of degree n that is equal to the determinant of the matrix A--xI(n) where I(n) represents the identity matrix of order n.