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a pattern or concept of perfection.
ego ideal the component of the superego containing the internalized image of what one desires to become, which the ego strives to attain. It is formed through conscious or unconscious identification with a person who plays a significant role or has a place of esteem in the life of the developing child, or through emulation of such a person.


A standard of perfection.


/ide·al/ (i-de´il) a pattern or concept of perfection.
ego ideal  the component of the superego comprising the standard of perfection unconsciously created by a person for himself.


Cardiology A clinical trial–Incremental Decrease in Endpoints through Aggressive Lipid Lowering Psychology See Ego ideal.


A standard of perfection.


n in the treatment of musculoskeletal dysfunction, a clinical classification of a postural pattern in which the minimum adaptive load is shifted to a different area.

Patient discussion about ideal

Q. When should I stop? As part of my efforts to lose weight, I worked a lot about accepting myself – that less-than-perfect body is also an acceptable option. And now, after losing weight but not reaching my ideal weight, I have these doubts- Should I continue my efforts to lose weight, although I feel good about my self? What do you think?

A. I truly believe that if you are happy with your weight loss, even though you say you have not reached your ideal weight or goal, be proud of who you are and what you have acomplished. There is no such thing as the perfect body image, at least not as far as i'm concerned. I feel that you have to love yourself for what's on the inside because the outside always changes (i.e. age, loss of hair, teeth, etc...) I had gastric bypass in 2005 and lost 90 lbs. I still have not reached my goal of 125-127 lbs. where I used to be 10 years ago, but I love "who" I am today. I am 140 lbs. of fantastic and some days I look at me and feel different but feel blessed that I am healthy and alive...Hope this helps

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By contrast, the technology-plus-process approach ideally results in a single record containing all the material related to both the transaction and the follow-up process.
It is a building of great character and history, and ideally located for our clients, yet in a pleasant locality.
The T2000B DMA with the fluid bath is ideally suited to testing the effect of fluids on elastomers.
The file system ideally shifts from being server based and becomes distributed over the storage network.
Ideally, retailers seeking to create a new image would work with GSTA on everything from strategy to design planning and execution.
Wayne Gretzky and the Kings agree that ideally he would remain in a Los Angeles uniform, but apparently the two sides have conflicting views on how best to build the team into a Stanley Cup contender.
Ideally, molding sands discharged from a muller should have an equal composition.
Ideally, the efficiencies of recombinant DNA technology will diminish the need for such pricing.
Engineered for rapid and flexible deployment, BridgeWave's gigabit wireless solutions are ideally suited for a wide variety of enterprise applications.
Zetpol 1000L is said to be ideally suited for the gas and diesel fuel markets.
Ideally, at the start of a construction project, when stakeholders conduct a partnering workshop to establish mutual goals, consideration is given to preventing construction disputes.
The recent heated discussion over the relative value systems of paying for physicians' services ideally will bring the physician executive back into the determination of the levels of reimbursement that will ensure and encourage provision of appropriate services.