iconic sign

i·con·ic sign

signs that acquire their function through similarity to what they signify; for example, a photograph as an iconic sign of the person in the picture.
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You'll find this iconic sign opposite the Nullarbor Roadhouse, one of the last fuel and food stops until you reach the West Australian border!
The iconic sign? That's still there,at the insistence of the council, which means people can still use Jackson's Corner as a meeting point.
Coca-Cola will also create an iconic sign that will be featured on American Dream's exterior facade.
That iconic sign inside the jeepney is both expression and commentary: 'God knows Hudas not pay' is a warning, to those passengers who may be thinking of not paying the fare, and at the same time a winking denunciation of those who do not pay the right fare as cheats, traitors of a social contract, Judases.
LEITRIM fans have been making fools of people online after apparently bringing an iconic sign home from Dublin.
Building anticipation Hollywood's iconic sign comes to the Holyrood Hills in preparation for the walk
TWelcoming around 350,000 people to the summit each year, the iconic sign was auctioned yesterday to raise money for maintenance of the mountain.
The iconic sign at Venice Beach (above left), shopping on Abbot Kinney (above right), and the boardwalk (below)
Museum staff members even recreated the iconic sign for The Elm, which is in the shape of a roller skate.
"It's an iconic sign and they are doing away with a bit of Newcastle history."