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1. a colloid system in which the dispersion medium is a gas and the dispersed particles are liquid.
2. an artifact seen on a radiograph caused by unintentional exposure to reducing contrast.
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Droplets dispersed in the atmosphere or a respiratory device.


Abbreviation for freezing of gait.
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light fog

(līt fawg)
Black areas seen on a radiograph when a film is exposed to white light before processing.
Synonym(s): fog.
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Q. In what way the brain fog symptom associated with fibromyalgia? In what way the brain fog symptom associated with fibromyalgia? What are the other symptoms of fibromyalgia?

A. memory loss is also associated with Fibromyalgia...lack of concentration and you just feel like you are in a fog...can't remember....can't think. Our standing joke at my house is "I am in the "fog" today. The one thing my doctor ALWAYS reminds me of fibro affects people differently, remember you may not have all the sympoms or you may have ones others don't but fibromyalgia is widespread pain that has lasted 3 months or more, it is pain of the fibrous tissue - ligiments, tendons and muscles. You feel stiff and achy all over. There are trigger points such as neck, shoulders, spine and hips. Chronic fatigue taht is possibly related to the disturbed sleep patterns. Most suffers I have talked to have restless leg syndrome and headaches. Irritable bowl is associated but on that one I am lucky I haven't had the problem but have had swolling problems and vision problems...I hope this helps. Good Luck!

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Ice fog was observed below about 700 mb where vapor mixing ratio (Fig.
Comparisons are then performed to assess the accuracy of the GOES-R algorithms for detecting ice fog conditions.
Three ice fog events (16,17, and 21 January) observed during this time period occurred at temperature <-30[degrees]C where RH was close to 100%.
Based on in situ observations at the surface, the occurrence of the ice fog, frost, and light snow is summarized in Table 2.
During fog-free conditions, the spectra from both sensors indicated a smooth continuation (not shown); however, during ice fog conditions, the Climatronic Aerosol Profiler spectra shifted to the right over larger size ranges (size >0.5 [micro]m), indicating the fraction of aerosols particles growing to ice fog particles.
For larger particle sizes (>10 [micro]m), the Ground Cloud Imaging Probe images and spectral measurements during the project clearly indicated ice fog existence but fog crystal shapes could not be clearly discriminated.
To assess the visibility uncertainties, visibility from the FD12P ([Vis.sub.fd]) and Sentry ([] are plotted against each other for an ice fog event (Fig.
The model postprocessor calculates visibility using the extinction as a function of cloud ice water content (Stoelinga and Warner 1999); however, this tends to underestimate the ice fog water content.
If both ice water content and ice crystal number concentration can be known from a forecasting model at each time step, then ice fog visibility can be predicted.