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Alpine Club of Pakistan also organize training in mountaineering, rock, snow, ice climbing, sports climbing, ski-ing and trekking and for other club activities.
An Alpine-style village will form the centrepiece while a snowmobile track will weave its way through the simulated mountain landscape Other attractions will include bumper cars, a carousel, slides, snow scooters, an ice climbing wall, a snowball arena, a theatre, and an ice skating rink.
The festival is featuring films based on various adventure disciplines such as mountaineering, bouldering, rock climbing, mountain biking, ice climbing, snowboarding, trekking, white water rafting, and kayaking.
Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- Iranian ice climber Mohammad Reza Safdarian managed to collect a gold medal at the 2018 Ice Climbing World Cup at Rabenstein tournament in Italy.
Other attractions, many of which are making their debut, will include snow bumper cars, snow mobiles, a snow carousel, snow diggers, snow slides, snow scooters, ice climbing wall, snowball challenge, snowball arena, Alpine theatre, and an ice skating rink.
MEMBERSHIP | | Adult Annual Membership - PS99 | | Family Annual Membership - PS199 | | Junior Annual Membership - PS69 | | Senior Annual Membership - PS69 | | Student Annual Membership - PS69 | | Ice Wall Annual Membership - PS15 ICE CLIMBING | | Taster session for beginners (4 people per instructor) - PS30 per person
At 17 he lost both legs in an ice climbing accident.
While ice climbing a route on Pitchoff's North Face, the lead climber fell.
Ice climbing isn't for the faint-hearted and you're going to need skill and experience before making any attempts on Scotland's famous routes.
GEARING UP FOR SNOW: The right equipment and clothing can make all the difference - whether you're into skiing, hiking, snowshoeing, sledding or ice climbing.
For a basic ice climbing clinic, no previous climbing experience is necessary, but the assortment of ice tools, thick clothing, backpack and crampons mean that you should be in good shape.