ibotenic acid

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i·bo·ten·ic ac·id

(ī'bō-ten'ik as'id),
Chemical similar to kainic acid extracted from poisonous mushroom species Amanita muscaria and A. pantherina (family Agaricaceae). It exhibits substantial neuroexcitatory properties and is used in neuropharmacologic research.
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muscaria mushrooms can contain ibotenic acid and muscimol, which are structurally similar to glutamate and gamma-Aminobutyric acid, respectively; ibotenic acid is capable of producing central nervous system excitation (e.g., hallucinations, agitation, or seizures), and muscimol causes central nervous system depression (1).
Injecting animals intraperitoneally with d-galactose to induce acute senility, and then injecting them with [beta] amyloid fragment 1-42 and ibotenic acid into the bilateral hippocampus led to significant learning and memory deficits in the Morris water maze test.
To probe the feasibility and usefulness of the tree shrew as an AD model, we examined the behavior and pathology of animals treated with the combination of d-galactose, [beta] amyloid fragment 1-42 and ibotenic acid. We assessed the behavioral and pathology properties of the treated animals in the same way that rat models of AD are assessed.
Unilateral or bilateral lesions of the hippocampus on ten-week-old male Balb/c mice (Charles River, L'Arbresle, France) were performed using ibotenic acid (Sigma-Aldrich, Saint-Quentin-Fallavier, France), an NMDA agonist, leading to the loss of neuronal cells in the sites of injection by cellular excitotoxicity, as described in our previous study [13].
ingredients found in Amanita mushrooms [56], ibotenic acid could not be
baicalensis as such has been shown to exhibit memory enhancing properties against ibotenic acid (toxin), chronic lipopolysaccharide infusion, gamma-irradiation, beta amyloid proteins, ischemia, and so forth [28-31].
GluCls are activated by the glutamate analog, ibotenic acid, and are inhibited weakly by the ligand-gated chloride channel blocker, picrotoxin (Smith et al.
Two primary compounds, ibotenic acid and muscimol, are known to occur in pharmacologically active levels and are partially, if not entirely, responsible for Amanita muscaria's psychoactive effects.
Tenuifolin is shown to improve learning and memory ability of dementia-like rats induced by combined injection of [alpha]-amyloid peptide and ibotenic acid into the right nucleus basalis magnocellularis.
What does for the unfortunate insects is the ibotenic acid in the mushroom's cells.
When the monkeys had developed a severe and stable form of the disease, the team injected a neurotoxin called ibotenic acid directly into the subthalamic nucleus of each animal's brain.