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Denoting a school of medicine practicing iatrochemistry.
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Around the turn from Elizabethan to Jacobean rule, English society became more and more obsessed with medicinal practices immunizing the communal body; in particular, the dynastic shift was also the turn from Galenic science to an iatrochemical understanding of the body.
Secondly, Russell's laudatory comments clearly indicate that he shares Vaughan's medical views, that he, in fact, sees Vaughan as a kindred spirit whose iatrochemical orientation and conception of nature as beneficent are compatible with his own medical philosophy.
(16.) Not until the late 17th century, with the introduction of coffee and the discourses of the "Cartesian" (iatrochemical and iatrophysical) medicine, did a novel theory emerge: beer, wine, and brandy were determined to contain a "fine oil" that causes drunkenness (cf.