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A highly interactive smartphone launched by Apple in 2007 which provides multiple functions as well as access to 200,000+ third-party 'apps', including medical utilities for CME/CPD, remote patient monitoring, Medscape, etc.
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The iPhone 6S ran an A9 Chip, which critics and pundits (https://www.businessinsider.com/apple-iphone-6s-vs-iphone-8-iphone-x-2017-10) noted in 2018 still ran the new iOS 11 smoothly, and even outperformed the newer iPhone 8.
* The camera of iPhone 7 can notably take better photos than the camera of iPhone 6 and also adds the feature of optical image stabilization.
It also has comotion processor, the same 12- megapixel camera inside the iPhone 6S and features like always on Siri and the front display flash for selfies.
For Apple enthusiasts and potential users of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, this new topic offers an opportunity to get more knowledge about these two new mobile phones.
Get the iPhone 6 (or swallow your shame and get the 6 Plus).
iPhone 6 Plus - $22.99 per month/$549 for iPhone XR, $33.99 per month/$799 for iPhone XS
Apple iPhone 6s now starts at Rs 40,000 for the 32GB storage option and Rs 49,000 for the 128GB storage model.
The interesting bit about the iPhone 6 is that if you opt for it, you don't really give up much in comparison to the iPhone 6s.
Larger display than an iPhone 6 Plus in a smaller design
No Where Else, a French website, posted the images stating that they belonged to the iPhone 5S and the iPhone 6. The site claims that the iPhone 5S will feature new hardware while using the same chassis as that of the iPhone 5, while the iPhone 6 will be a completely redesigned handset.