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A small portable unit for storing and playing digital media, including music, videos, photos, podcasts, etc., produced by Apple since 2001
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It's hard to know where I-Pod would have fit in this contest.
"I dictate my emails and my assistant Tony loads songs onto my i-pod.
These updates can then be routed to devices such as an i-Pod or BlackBerry.
"It is incomprehensible that Congress would shackle local newspapers -- and only newspapers -- with a ban that fits the 8-track era, but not the I-Pod world we live in."
The name may not trip off the tongue easily, but it actually offers a thumping CD stereo, including a connection point for your MP3 and I-Pod player and a Bluetooth hands-free telephone system, which operates via steering column mounted controls.
There was one called Ratbat that turned into a tape cassette which is a bit dated these days so they'll have him changing into something cringy and up-to-date like a ruddy i-Pod.
Both college-level business library holdings and classes debating the issues will want this: it covers a range of issues from developing new future talent and meeting the challenges of an I-pod generation to achieving market success and overcoming consumer distrust of new delivery systems.
Inside there are new materials and trim, including Sovereign Hide soft leather upholstery with perforated inlays and contrasting stitching, a revised centre console with a new display plus a new audio system with MP3/WMA compatibility and an i-Pod connection.
DJ Patrick O'Dell ran his I-Pod and a grip of New York's finest scenesters lolled out front and fought for space on the dance floor with the heavy presence of costumed and vocal Ween fans.
The i-Pod mini's size is convenient--cell phones can't get this compact.