psychogenic seizure

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psy·cho·gen·ic sei·zure

a clinical spell that resembles an epileptic seizure, but is not due to epilepsy. The EEG is normal during an attack, and the behavior is often related to psychiatric disturbance, such as a conversion disorder.
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psychogenic seizure

A specific type of seizure regarded as a conversion symptom, which occurs when a person cannot directly express distress; patients are not consciously aware of the conversion symptoms, nor do they intentionally produce them. The seizures may be accompanied by somatic symptoms, which serve several purposes for the patient—e.g., communication, secondary gain, conflict resolution, expression of hostility and others.

Clinical findings
Frequent seizures despite therapeutic levels of anti-epileptic medication, prolonged duration (more than 5 minutes), wild movements, pelvic thrusting, fluctuating intensity, resolution of symptoms with distraction, nonphysiologic spread of symptoms, crying, bilateral motor activity with preserved consciousness, lack of post-ictal confusion or lethargy.

• Good—if female, of higher intelligence, independent lifestyle, no prior psychotherapy, normal EEG.
• Poor—if accompanied by epilepsy or seizure activity, history of psychiatric disorders, unemployed.
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psychogenic seizure

Hysterical fit, nonepileptic seizure A seizure regarded as a conversion Sx, seen when a person cannot directly express mental stress Clinical Frequent seizures despite adequate antiepileptic medication, prolonged duration–> 5 mins, wild movements, pelvic thrusting, fluctuating intensity, resolution of Sx with distraction, nonphysiologic spread of Sx, crying, bilateral motor activity with preserved consciousness, lack of post-ictal confusion or lethargy Prognosis Good, if ♀, of higher IQ, independent lifestyle, no prior psychotherapy, normal EEG; poor, if accompanied by seizures, Hx of psychiatric disorders, unemployed.
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References in classic literature ?
She turned towards Lucy in silent amazement, unable to divine the reason or object of such a declaration; and though her complexion varied, she stood firm in incredulity, and felt in no danger of an hysterical fit, or a swoon.
And suddenly tearing away from their clinging arms she burst into a hysterical fit of tears, bowing herself on the chest of drawers and repeating incessantly, "O yes, yes, yes!"
Presently the hysterical fit passed away, and, laying her hands upon my shoulders, she gazed for a while into my face, as though trying to read it--something I said to her, but it was clear that she did not hear it.
Raddle paused to listen whether the repetition of the taunt had roused her better half; and finding that it had not been successful, proceeded to descend the stairs with sobs innumerable; when there came a loud double knock at the street door; whereupon she burst into an hysterical fit of weeping, accompanied with dismal moans, which was prolonged until the knock had been repeated six times, when, in an uncontrollable burst of mental agony, she threw down all the umbrellas, and disappeared into the back parlour, closing the door after her with an awful crash.
Fan's next proceeding gave her friend another surprise, for, being rather ashamed of herself, very much relieved, and quite at a loss what to say, she took refuge in an hysterical fit of tears, which changed Polly's anger into tenderness at once.
Upon seeing me she lapsed into a hysterical fit. So hysterical in fact that at first I thought it had to be something about me.
However, a yell of despair from an officer of the regiment who dashed into the hut through the flames exclaiming: "Holy J--s, my money box!" which he snatched up with the fondness of a father saving his only child from peril, enabled me to dash out after him, dragging my all--a change of suit--in a hysterical fit of laughter at the strange lamentation of our brother-officer.
In the retreats to the "small world" that eventually frame Murphy's "slap-up psychosis" (115), Beckett explicitly associates him with hysteria and does so in such a way that his trances mimic the ecstatic and theatrical paralysis of the hysterical fit. The novel opens on the first of these series of fits, in which Murphy sits in his rocking chair held in position by scarves, with a stillness in which "the breath [is] not perceptible" and "only the most local movements [are] possible" (2).
The director was not prepared for the actress's graveyard upset and hysterical fit, as she along with leading actor Eyad Nassar did all they could to calm her down.
LINDSAY Lohan has been put into "lockdown" after a hysterical fit in front of fellow cons.
In the psychiatric ward, she tried to commit suicide by taking a handful of sleeping pills which her mother provided her with, thinking that they would calm her hysterical fit down.
[Music]" (98)--a hysterial therapy--merely accentuates the staginess of the play-within-play.25 In this way, the revivification scene, read as a joke, exploits the occasion of Hermione's genuine lack of sufficient "childbed privilege" (3.2.103) and renders it an exaggerated, performative rendition of Hermione's supposed sexual license and infidelity from the perspective of Leontes: a dissatisfied womb raging about "fells" Hermione with a hysterical fit, so she performs an apropos revivification.