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Anise hyssop gives a hint of licorice and mint flavor to foods and drinks and has soothing, healing qualities.
Pour into ice-filled glasses and top with fresh anise hyssop flowers and smaller leaves, A
Since ancient times hyssop has been infused to treat infections of the respiratory system particularly where there is excessive mucus: the herb gently stimulates expectoration and aids recovery.
of doves hyssop Rabbinic commentary offers You were proud
This is good for coriander and hyssop. The topmost layer has pea gravel and even more sand added to the soil.
Here, according to the Good Book, is how one might go about combating the scourge of affliction: The kohen, or priest, "shall take two live, clean birds, a cedar stick, a strip of crimson [wool], and hyssop. The kohen shall order, and one shall slaughter the one bird into an earthenware vessel, over spring water.
Now there was set a vessel full of vinegar: and they filled a sponge with vinegar, and put upon it hyssop, and put it to his mouth.
When Jim Hyssop saw a Starbucks open up several years ago in downtown Stratford-upon-Avon, near the McDonald's and Pizza Hut already there, he grimly forecast: A"If someone blindfolded you, put you in a helicopter and set you down in a town somewhere in England, you wouldn't be able to tell where you are anymore.A"
Medical plants also grow in the reserve such as thyme, wild garlic, hyssop, dandelion, narcissus, Artemisia and lilies.
After agreeing that the liquid has illegally high amounts of wormwood, hyssop and fennel, the two proved in court the harmlessness of fennel unless consumed in extremely large amounts.
Siting Herbs Full Sun Soil Preference Borage Sage dry Coriander medium Cumin medium Garlic rich, well-drained Horehound dry, poor soil Hyssop light, well-drained Lavender poor, rocks Oregano rich, well-drained Rosemary medium, well-drained Sweet Bay medium Thyme medium, well-drained Winter Savory light, sandy Yarrow well-drained Partial Shade Soil Preference Bee Balm medium, tolerates wet, clay Chamomile sandy, well-drained Lemon Balm sandy or loamy, well-drained Parsley fertile, rich humus Sweet Woodruff fertile, moist
The lists of species brought to Australia with the First Fleet includes a number of medicinal plants such as sage, chamomile, hyssop, fennel, garlic, thyme and borage (Frost 1993).