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While the body's temperature-regulating centers are located in the hypothalamus, it is unlikely that your problem is being caused by hypothalamic dysfunction.
A 22 year-old woman showed development of persistent Parkinsonian features and hypothalamic dysfunction manifestations after IAE (9).
Medical complications include hydrocephalus, seizures/epilepsy, motor impairment, pulmonary issues, poor gastric emptying, gastroesophageal reflux, constipation, central diabetes insipidus, hypothalamic dysfunction and ophthalmologic problems.
Hypothalamic dysfunction also results in disordered hunger metabolism and resultant obesity.
Growing evidence suggests hypothalamic dysfunction (Cassidy, Dykens, & Williams, 2000) causes growth hormone deficiency (GHD), short stature, and hypogonadism.
Postoperative endocrine evaluation revealed no hypothalamic dysfunction, and the patient was able to bottle-feed without any signs or symptoms of respiratory distress or nasal airway obstruction.
2000) state that the combination of several autonomic dysfunctions that affect appetite regulation, growth, and pubertal development are suggestive of hypothalamic dysfunction.
The constant stress of coping with the increasing problems can lead to hypothalamic dysfunction which in turn affects the adrenal, thyroid, ovarian, and/or testicular hormones.