Having an osmolality less than another fluid, ordinarily assumed to be plasma or extracellular fluid.
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Table 2--Mean [+ or -] standard error of percentage of spermatozoa with plasma membrane integrity in the hyposmotic test (HOST) from sperm collected using an artificial vagina (AV) and collected from epididymides at 0(G0), 6(G6), 12(G12), 24(G24) and 48(G48) hours after ovine death at the time of cooling (R0) and 6(R6), 12(R12), 24(R24), 48(R48) and 72(R72) hours after cooling to 5[degrees]C.
The analysis of the erythrocyte behavior in a hyposmotic gradient is a powerful method that reflects the deformability [28], stability [29, 30], and the membrane composition of these cells, allowing the investigation of the influences of the lipid blood level [31] oxidative aggression [26], among other factors.
Sperm plasma membrane integrity of buffalo bull spermatozoa was assessed by hyposmotic swelling (HOS) assay (Ansari et al., 2011).
As a final step, NA can be eluted from silica matrix by any hyposmotic solution, such as nuclease-free water or buffers such as alkaline Tris-EDTA.
Woo, "The response of sea bream following abrupt hyposmotic exposure," Journal of Fish Biology, vol.
In FW teleosts, the release of spermatozoa into the hyposmotic external medium induces membrane hyperpolarization, which leads to a [K.sup.+] efflux and a transient increase in intracellular [Ca.sup.2+] and cAMP (Morisawa and Suzuki, 1980; Morisawa et al., 1983; Cosson et al., 1989; Tanimoto et al., 1994).
Determination of membrane reserve of Periplaneta americana and Blaberus craniifer's hemocytes and study of hyposmotic load's influence on cell volume.
Four out of five hyposmotic patients were positive for AQP4 antibodies.