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incomplete development or underdevelopment of an organ or tissue. adj., adj hypoplas´tic.
focal dermal hypoplasia a hereditary disorder found exclusively in females, transmitted as an X-linked dominant trait, characterized typically by linear areas of hypoplasia of the skin with herniation of underlying tissue through the defects; telangiectasias; linear or reticular areas of skin discoloration; localized superficial fatty deposits in the skin; papillomas of mucous membranes or skin around various orifices; and anomalies of the extremities, including webbed fingers and toes and absence of some or all of the digits (oligodactyly or adactyly). There may also be other defects affecting the eyes, teeth, or other body systems. Called also Goltz syndrome.


hypoplasia, hypoplasty

incomplete development or underdevelopment of an organ or tissue, e.g. cerebellar hypoplasia, bone marrow hypoplasia, gonadal hypoplasia, small intestinal mucosal hypoplasia.
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