hypoplastic heart

hy·po·plas·tic heart

a small heart, as seen in Addison disease.
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Amanda's granddaughter was born with Left Hypoplastic Heart Syndrome, meaning she was born with only half a heart.
A full-term African American female with a known history of right hypoplastic heart syndrome and pulmonary hypoplasia initially presented with rising direct hyperbilirubinemia during the first 24 hours of life.
Danielle Holt of Oakham shared the story of their year-old daughter, Alexandra, born with left hypoplastic heart disease, who already has had two open heart surgeries.
Owen, she said, was born with left hypoplastic heart disease, which up until the development of the Norwood procedure to "reroute the heart's plumbing," was often fatal for infants.
The 11-month-old was born with only the right side of the organ growing - a condition known as Little Heart, or Hypoplastic Heart Syndrome.
Hypoplastic Heart Syndrome happens when there is a collection of problems on the left side of the heart.
Of the structural cardiac abnormalities, 26% were complex cardiac defects, 26% were septal defects only, 19% were left or right hypoplastic heart, 15% were conotruncal abnormalities, 6% were defects of the atrioventricular canal, and 9% were classified as "other" defects.
Nurses unfamiliar with the various procedures and outcomes for hypoplastic heart are used to seek out more knowledgeable colleagues and review the literature.