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Hyponatraemia in elderly psychiatric patients treated with selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors and venlafaxine: a retrospective controlled study in an inpatient unit.
In the control a week after discharge (on postnatal 27th day), hyponatraemia and hyperpotassaemia were detected.
The definitions for hyponatraemia and hypernatraemia used in this study were adopted from the published literature (hyponatraemia: <135 mEq/L, hypernatraemia: >144 mEq/L, normal: 135 144 mEq/L).
Hyponatraemia was also reported in 5 of the previous cases (see Table 2).
The sodium level should be recorded at regular intervals and hyponatraemia treated with normal saline.
And your heart will be in your mouth as the suit and tie-wearing Rahul, 12, attempts to spell 'hyponatraemia' (no, me neither) for a perfect score in round one.
Many of them remain deficient in energy and protein ( Kwashiorkor ), in vitamins like vitamin C ( Scurvy), vitamin B1 ( Beriberi ), vitamin D ( Rickets), Vitamin B3 or nicotinic acid or it's precursor tryptophan in the diet ( Pellagra ) and minerals like iron ( anaemic), calcium ( osteoporosis), sodium ( hyponatraemia), potassium ( hypocalcaemia) and lithium ( mental disorder) .
On the other end of the spectrum, there have been instances of marathoners and other endurance athletes dying of hyponatraemia, a condition in which over-intake of water dilutes electrolytes.
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First blood gas on 100% oxygen after reintubation and arterial line insertion demonstrated hyponatraemia: pO2 = 184mmHg, pCO2 = 54mmHgm, Na = 126mmol/L, K = 3.8 mmol/L, and HCO3 = 21 mmol/L.
Paraclinical investigations revealed mild hyponatraemia (Na: 133 mmol/L; normal: 135-145), with normal leukocyte count (WBC: 7.9 x [10.sup.12] cells/l; normal: 4.0-10.0 x [10.sup.12] cells/l), and moderately elevated C-reactive protein (CRP: 37 mg/l; normal: 0-3.3 mg/l); haemoglobin and haematocrit were within the normal ranges.