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(hī'pō-glos'ăl), Do not confuse this word with hyoglossal.
1. Below the tongue.
2. Relating to the twelfth cranial nerve (nervus hypoglossus).
Synonym(s): hypoglossus
[L. hypoglossus fr. hypo- + glossus, tongue]
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Reversibility of airflow obstruction by hypoglossus nerve stimulation in anesthetized rabbits.
In fact, the correlation of digestion and revolution into which we just inquired evolves, almost simultaneously, in three other texts by Buchner, one of them his public visiting lecture "On Cranial Nerves" held in Zurich in 1836: "thus, as an essential component of the digestive channel the tongue through the influence of the hypoglossus is subjected to the will and thereby becomes a true part of the head" (Schriften 169).
Subsequently it was shown that some GABA-ergic inputs might be reaching LC from prepositus hypoglossus nucleus (195), which in turn receives cholinergic projection from the PPT (196).