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Having a chromosome number lower than the diploid number.
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Because endonuclease stops the DNA chain of degradation of apoptotic cells between nucleosomes, apoptotic cells can be detected by measuring the quantity of hypodiploid DNA inside the cells.
Hypodiploid nuclei representing apoptosis induction in uninfected and E.
Data showed that EVO significantly reduced the viability of respective cancer cells associated with the occurrence of apoptotic characteristics such as DNA ladders, hypodiploid cells, and activation of caspase-3.
Compared with control group cells, the MFH cells exhibited a notable hypodiploid peak ahead of the G1 peak.
After 48 h treatment with fucoxanthin (20 [micro]M), the level of apoptotic cells characterized by DNA fragmentation showed an increased percentage of hypodiploid cells, morphological changes, and cleavages of caspase-3 and PARP (poly(ADP-ribose) polymerase) escalated to 30% [52].
Although hypodiploid and hyperdiploid cells and some polyploid cells did emerge in the cultures with increased passaging [23], the incidence of such cells was still very small in our study (below 2%).
In the literature, hypodiploid chromosome numbers were found in 3-10% of adults and 1-7% of childhood ALL.
The resulting percentages of apoptotic cells were determined as the percentages of hypodiploid cells (sub G0/G1 peaks).
As shown in Figure 3B, the specific inactivation of DR4/DR5 receptors caused a 50% reduction in the amount of hypodiploid cells, as observed after Pcy treatment (Figures 2A and 3A).
Genetic aberrations in hypodiploid breast cancer: frequent loss of chromosome 4 and amplification of cyclin D1 oncogene.