Infection of herbivores and humans with larvae of flies of the genus Hypoderma.
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ABSTRACT: During this study out of 800 buffaloes examined 11.37% were found positive for hypodermatosis. Hypoderma bovis was the only prevalent specie in this area.
But till now there is no report available regarding hypodermatosis in the study area so the present study was carried out: to determine the prevalence and associated determinants of hypodermatosis in district T.
A total of 800 buffaloes of different sex (400 male and 400 female) and age (400 young and 400 adult) were sampled based on proportional allocation (Thrusfield 2007) in three tehsils of the district and examined for the presence of hypodermatosis in the study area.
Highest prevalence of hypodermatosis in kamalia was found to be due to the fact that there was a River (Ravi) which runs along this tehsil.
Although the exact cause of higher prevalence of hypodermatosis in female buffaloes could not be explained but it could be hypothesized that stresses of production make the buffaloes more susceptible to any ectoparasitic infection as has been reported by Iqbal et al.
Seasonal fluctuation of the year had a significant (pless than 0.01) effect on the prevalence of hypodermatosis in buffaloes.
These reports about hypodermatosis in buffaloes of lowland (study area) areas were alarming one for the farmers of this locality.