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congenital absence of one or more fingers or toes.
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, hypodactyliahypodactylism (hī'pō-dak'ti-lē, -dak-til'ē-ă, -dak'til-izm),
The condition of possessing less than the full normal complement of digits.
[hypo- + G. daktylos, finger]
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(1) Hypophalangism, see there.
(2) Ectrodactyly, see there.
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, hypodactylia , hypodactylism (hī'pō-dak'ti-lē, -dak-til'ē-ă, -dak'til-izm)
A condition of having fewer than the normal complement of fingers or toes.
Synonym(s): oligodactyly, oligodactylia.
[hypo- + G. daktylos, finger]
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