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19) Embodying the instability of Romantic discourses of well-being within the figure of the hypochondriac enables Beddoes to transform the uncertainty at the core of a discussion of health into a useable form with which to mold healthy bodies, even if there might not be such things.
The portal throws in access to medical dictionaries and encyclopedias, while a medical database search aggregates results from sources traditional search engines can't access, the better to cater to the hypochondriac in us all.
Increased sickness, affluence, and leisure joined with the emergence of the modern stereotype of the hypochondriac to create a "buoyant free market in medicine.
Moliere wrote the play while ill and collapsed during his own performance of the title role, that of Argan, a hypochondriac who fears death and doctors.
The scene is a New England village, where Ethan barely makes a living out of a stony farm and is at odds with his wife Zeena (short for Zenobia), a whining hypochondriac.
The hypochondriac Argan allows himself to be victimized by the doctors Purgon and Diafoirus and, in order to have a doctor in the family, tries to force his daughter to marry Diafoirus's son.
Paracetamol Pete MACKENZIE CROOK Enigmatic hypochondriac who may or may not have dealt with his destructive gambling addiction.
He was said to be a hypochondriac, manic depressive with Parkinson's, had allegedly deformed genitals and an almost non-existent sex drive.
On a flight to Cyprus a couple of years ago, Li'l Ole Hypochondriac me realised I hadn't put my compression garments on my tootsies.
I FELT guilty this week that I have added to an already stretched NHS by being an hypochondriac mother.
And the troupe's current offering is yet another of the French playwright's works, namely his 17th century farce The Hypochondriac, updated by celebrated Liverpool poet Roger McGough.