hypocalcemic tetany

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hypocalcemic tetany

Etymology: Gk, hypo, under, L, calx, calcium, haima, blood, tetanos, convulsive tension
a disease caused by an abnormally low level of calcium in the blood. It is characterized by hyperexcitability of the neuromuscular system and results in carpopedal spasms. A common cause is a deficiency of parathyroid hormone secretion.

hypocalcemic tetany

Tetany due to low serum calcium and high serum phosphate levels. This may be due to lack of vitamin D, factors that interfere with calcium absorption such as steatorrhea or infantile diarrhea, or defective renal excretion of phosphorus.
See also: tetany


emanating from hypocalcemia; state of decreased blood calcium level.

hypocalcemic factor
hypocalcemic paresis
see milk fever, ovine hypocalcemia.
hypocalcemic tetany
tetany of limbs, muscle tremor, tetanic convulsions occur in hypocalcemia in bitches and mares. See also eclampsia, lactation tetany (2).


continuous tonic spasm of a muscle; steady contraction of a muscle without distinct twitching. It is manifested clinically by rigidity of limbs, pricking of ears, flaring of nostrils. In extreme tetany as in tetanus, the rigidity is lead-pipe in nature in that the resistance to bending is constant. In less severe tetany, e.g. an upper motor neuron lesion, there is resistance at first but as soon as this is overcome the limb flexes easily.

grass tetany
hyperventilation tetany
tetany produced by forced inspiration and expiration continued for a considerable time.
hypocalcemic tetany
see puerperal tetany (below).
hypomagnesemic tetany
see calf hypomagnesemic tetany, lactation tetany (2).
lactation tetany
latent tetany
tetany elicited by the application of electrical and mechanical stimulation.
magnesium-deficiency tetany
a product of experimental nutrition but see also lactation tetany.
milk tetany
see calf hypomagnesemic tetany.
parathyroid tetany, parathyroprival tetany
tetany due to removal or hypofunctioning of the parathyroid glands.
tetany pastures
lush grass or cereal crop pastures, in the early spring when they have grown rapidly and their magnesium content is low. The weather is also inclined to be inclement with a high wind-chill factor and there is little or no shelter for the recently calved cows.
puerperal tetany
a syndrome of hypocalcemia in bitches, usually of small breeds, typically 2 to 3 weeks after whelping, caused by the loss of extracellular calcium in lactation. Affected bitchs show restlessness, panting and severe muscular spasms, all of which are relieved by the administration of intravenous calcium. Also occurs infrequently in queens. Called also lactational or puerperal tetany.
recurrent tetany
see Scottie cramp.
transit tetany
of cows, see transit tetany; of mares, see lactation tetany.
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The disease must be differentiated from conditions with similar presentations, such as hypocalcemic tetany, meningitis, rabies, drug withdrawal, strychnine poisoning, and a dystonic drug reaction.
A normal serum calcium excludes hypocalcemic tetany.