A salt of hypobromous acid.
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Sadiek, "A DFT study of the dissociation, ionization, and UV/visible spectra of methyl hypobromite," Computational and Theoretical Chemistry, vol.
In that paper, dry combustion technique (Dennstedt) was compared with the Bangor method (a modified Kjeldahl method for simultaneous determination of carbon and nitrogen), the hypobromite method and the dichromate method.
For the preparation of sodium hypobromite, 0.68 ml was dissolved into 100 ml cooled 5% sodium hydroxide and was stored in cool and dark place.
The solution was mixed and placed in ice for 10 minutes, and 0.5 ml of cold sodium hypobromite was added to develop the color by vigorously shaking for 30 sec.
Reaction of phthalamide or phthalimide, N-methyl, and N-ethyl phthalimide with alkali hypobromite gives the 1,2,3,4-tetrehydro 2,4-dioxoquinazoline (see Scheme 17).
The radical hydroxyl mechanism starts when ozone and/or hydroxyl radical oxidizes [Br.sup.-] into hypobromous acid (HOBr) and/or hypobromite radical (BrO") or even the bromide radical (Br*).
The proposed mechanism of Br[O.sub.3.sup.-] anion removal by activated carbon includes adsorption, reduction to hypobromite (O[Br.sup.-]), and then reduction to bromide ([Br.sup.-]) on the activated carbon surface as indicated in the below reactions (R-1)(R-2) [14, 17].
DNA damage induced by hypochlorite and hypobromite with reference to in flammation-associated carcinogenesis.
Brominated trihalomethane formation in halogenation of humic acid in the coexistence of hypochlorite and hypobromite ions.
The two other main procedures, in terms of number of papers published, involve reactions with 4-dimethylaminobenzaldehyde (Erlich's reagent [VI]) and hypobromite. Erlich's reagent produces red to purple chromophores with many different compounds, but it is best known as a test for pyrroles (Butler and Walsh 1982).
Phosphorus levels in soils will be measured using a spectrophotometric method after samples have been oxidized with sodium hypobromite followed by sodium hydroxide.
The [sup.15]N content of samples was determined on a dual-inlet VG Isogas SIRAIO mass spectrometer using a lithium hypobromite method.