hypobranchial eminence

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Wilhelm, Jr., German physician, 1863-1934.
His band - Synonym(s): His bundle
His bundle - modified cardiac muscle fibers. Synonym(s): atrioventricular bundle; His band; Kent bundle; Kent-His bundle
His bundle electrogram - an electrogram recorded from the His bundle.
His bundle heart block
His bundle recording
His spindle - a fusiform dilation of the aorta immediately beyond the isthmus. Synonym(s): aortic spindle
His-Tawara system - the complex system of interlacing Purkinje fibers within the ventricular myocardium.
Kent-His bundle - Synonym(s): His bundle


Wilhelm, Sr., Swiss anatomist and embryologist in Germany, 1831-1904.
duct of His - Synonym(s): Bochdalek duct
His copula - a median elevation in the floor of the embryonic pharynx that is incorporated in the root of the tongue. Synonym(s): hypobranchial eminence
His line - a line dividing the face into an upper and a lower, or dental part.
His perivascular space - Synonym(s): Virchow-Robin space
His rule - an obsolete calculation for the duration of pregnancy.
isthmus of His - the anterior portion of the rhombencephalon connecting with the mesencephalon. Synonym(s): rhombencephalic isthmus

hypobranchial eminence (hī´pō-brang´kəəl),

n a small tissue structure formed from the second, third, and fourth pharyngeal arches during early embryonic development of the head and neck from which the tongue eventually takes shape.
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The thyroid gland develops from a junction between tuberculum impar and hypobranchial eminence which forms the foramen caecum.
The remaining posterior one-third of the tongue arises from a second swelling (the hypobranchial eminence or copula), which is made up of mesoderm of the second, the third, and a portion of the fourth pharyngeal arches.