hypnotic trance

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hyp·not·ic trance

(hip-not'ik trans)
That state of somnolence or dissociation experienced by someone subjected to hypnosis.
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All subjects participated in two sessions of the 1RM test after familiarization, the conventional test, and the hypnotic trance test.
Hypnotherapy is psychotherapy utilizing a method of relaxation and concentration guided by a therapist who helps the client access a unique, altered state of consciousness termed "hypnotic trance." A hypnotic trance is the simple shifting back and forth between the conscious and subconscious mind, a natural process in an individual that occurs 80% of every day (Hartman, 2007).
Reading Sherlock Holmes as a camera, with attention to the multiple valences of the term "sensitive instrument," allows Grimes to argue that it is Holmes's connection to the spiritual and the hypnotic trance that makes him so successful at his trademark deductive logic.
"In the first case, light dosages of drugs coupled with hypnosis were used to induce a complete hypnotic trance," a CIA memorandum revealed.
"I then did what anyone else would do - rushed upstairs and googled how to bring someone out of a hypnotic trance. But before that, I got her to do some Harry Hill impressions."
It is important to understand that the hypnotic trance state is not only natural, but can be achieved by anyone.
Religious and healing ceremonies of all primitive peoples included a hypnotic trance, which McClenon (1997) proposed may have served as the pathway reinforcing the genetic component of suggestibility.
HUMANWINE can create a sense of paranoid friction, or induce a sort of hypnotic trance, or both at once.
Hypnosis confirmed A glassy gaze that jumps around in bizarre patterns may be a foolproof sign of a hypnotic trance (above), researchers report (SN: 12/17/11, p.
Arousal of the hypnotic trance was slow despite suggestions for returning to full awareness.
In this paper we are going to explore the following topics: methods of creating interpersonal connection in teaching within the university/college context; creating a mutual relationship the first day of class; utilizing storytelling as a method for teaching concepts; the history of storytelling in education; narratology in context; using the learning story; and a special case of using hypnotic trance in storytelling.
The boundless joys and pleasures of seeing a human being grow and develop before your eyes, an endless source of fascination holding you in a hypnotic trance with shifting facial expressions, most conveying a startled "this is new" wonderment and sounds from cute squeaks to distressing cries.