hypnotic psychotherapy

hyp·not·ic psy·cho·ther·a·py

psychotherapy based on hypnosis.
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Two Patients with Narcolepsy Treated by Hypnotic Psychotherapy.
The authors review the literature on the prevalence of sex offenders; multiple treatment modalities; and implications of the use of hypnotic psychotherapy, coupled with cognitive behavioral treatment programs, for treating sex offenders.
In addition, we discuss the implications of using hypnotic psychotherapy in conjunction with cognitive behavior therapy and relapse prevention as a treatment for such offenders.
Hypnotic psychotherapy has also been used to restructure earlier memories that contribute to dysfunctional beliefs such as cognitive distortions associated with sex offenders (Cooney, 1999).
The use of hypnotic psychotherapy as an adjunct to cognitive behavior therapy by professionals who counsel sex offenders is an area about which comparatively little has been written.
Hypnotic psychotherapy in the identification of core emotional issues.
Hypnotic psychotherapy is especially capable of ameliorating the effects of earlier memories that contribute to dysfunctional beliefs.
Hypnotic Psychotherapy offers a client-centered model that integrates elements of intrapsychic, cognitive/behavioral, body oriented, and interactional approaches.
This paper addresses one particular form of brief therapy; hypnotic psychotherapy which utilizes elements of Transactional Analysis (Adult, Parent, Child parts of one's psyche), Gestalt therapy (i.
While traditional talk therapy may take years to uncover a client's primary underlying issues, hypnotic psychotherapy can, with certain types of clients, target disturbing habits, thoughts, and behaviors in a single session (Teyber, 1996).
The hypnotic psychotherapy techniques explored in this study will be shown to access rapidly these core issues.
The present study explores the use of hypnotic psychotherapy as a way of modifying the memory of any traumatic incident/s.