hypnotic language

hypnotic language,

n language with metaphors, implied meaning, or linguistic matching designed to promote positive effects.
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Hypnotherapist Steve also wants to help fast food staff use hypnotic language to help fat customers eat less and choose a healthier option.
This approach is referred to as Somatosensory-Hypnotherapy; it allows clients, through hypnotic language, to communicate directly with the symptom and learn its value and purpose in their lives.
With older children you may want to use hypnotic language in predicting success.
Understanding advanced hypnotic language patterns; a comprehensive guide.
A practitioner and trainer in psychotherapy and neuro-linguistic programming, Burton explores hypnotic language, which involves structuring sentences in such a way as to invite the reader or listener into a trance state, from several perspectives, but primarily cognitive.
Another nurse trained in hypnotic language may say, "Take an abdominal breath and think about your happy place.