hypertrichosis lanuginosa

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hypertrichosis lanugino´sa persistent or acquired production of lanugo. It may be a congenital, autosomal dominant disorder in which there is excessive hair distributed over the entire body throughout life, usually in association with other congenital anomalies; or it may be acquired, with the degree of hairiness being variable, usually involving the face, and in most cases associated with internal carcinoma.
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hy·per·tri·cho·sis la·nu·gi·no·'sa

excessive growth of lanugo hair associated with internal malignancy.
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An extremely rare (less 100 cases reported worldwide) excess of hair on the body, which can be generalised or localised, congenital or acquired.

• Hypertrichosis lanuginosa, possibly due to an autosomal dominant mutation on 8q;
• Generalised hypertrichosis, due to an autosomal dominant mutation on chromosome x24-q27.1;
• Terminal hypertrichosis, possibly linked to a mutation in MAP2K6 on chromosome 17;
• Circumscribed hypertrichosis;
• Localised hypertrichosis;
• Nevoid hypertrichosis.

• Hypertrichosis lanuginosa, linked to cancer, endocrinopathies and therapeutic drugs;
• Generalised hypertrichosis;
• Patterned hypertrichosis;
• Localised hypertrichosis.
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