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the state or quality of being hypertonic.
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1. Synonym(s): hypertonia
2. An increased effective osmotic pressure of body fluids.
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Abnormally increased muscle tone or strength. The condition is sometimes associated with genetic or CNS disorders (e.g., trisomy 18) and may be evident in arm or leg deformities.
See also: spasticity
Synonym(s): high muscle tone.
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Balance disorders can occur in Parkinson's disease, where the patient presents the tendency to fall backward or frontward, caused by hypertonicity of lumbar or abdominal muscles.
They discuss childhood tuberculosis, medical education theory in practice, hypertonicity in childhood, advances in burn treatment, initial investigation of inherited metabolic disease, practical aspects of immunization, vitamin D deficiency, comparing regional infant death rates in the UK, triage in emergency care, therapeutic use of hypothermia in critically ill or injured children, antenatal hydronephrosis, and a noninvasive approach to neonatal care.
The disruption of blood brain barrier due to hypertonicity or to the volume of the contrast is still unclear.
Poststroke hypertonicity: Upper limb assessment and treatment.
Patients who have experienced prolonged vomiting, diarrhea, GI suctioning, surgical patients, prolonged periods of no food by mouth (NPO), excessive use of diuretics, excessive diaphoresis, or have inadequate fluid intake are also at risk for developing hypertonicity.
vulvovaginal infections, dermatoses, hormonal, vascular, neurological, or iatrogenic), psychosexual and functional (pelvic floor hypertonicity) component.
Key words: Fumaric aciduria, muscle hypertonicity, infant
Indeed, L-arginine significantly decreased the action potential firing rate elicited by hypertonicity, and blocking NOS induced a further increase in the frequency of action potential firing induced by the hypertonic solution.
According to Sharp and Wheeler (2005), the Schiff-Sherrington syndrome refers to phenomenon of thoracic limb extensor hypertonicity associated with paraplegia from acute thoracolumbar spinal cord lesions.
Intercourse frequency, frequency of associated symptoms, and occurrence of pelvic floor hypertonicity (Kegel manoeuvre) were assessed through Wilcoxon test.