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Of, relating to, or affected with hyperthyroidism.
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Having too much thyroxin stimulation.
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Patient discussion about hyperthyroid

Q. I had my blood test as I was feeling dizzy and my heart rate was raised & I was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism I had my blood test as I was feeling dizzy and my heart rate was raised & I was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism. It had just started when I was taking herbs for depression and anxiety. I am not taking herbs now and still feeling dizzy. Has anyone had any problem with Chinese herbs?

A. My mom had hyperthyroidism, but not with herbs. Until she told the exact things to the doctor, her treatment was difficult and once she revealed the medicine history to the doctor she was very well treated. Similarly I expect from you to tell your doctor about the herbs you are taking and you must tell this to your Chinese medicine practitioner as well. There are chances that you may have high level of thyroid and these herbs just boosted them or increased them as Chinese medicine do not have high side effects. Please open to your doctor during investigation and treatment.

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70% of patients were euthyroid and about 5% were hyperthyroid irrespective of anti-TPO positivity.
The authors in this rat model study suggested that control of hyperthyroidism can inhibit the development of cirrhosis reflecting a direct effect of hyperthyroid function on liver.
The thyroid status before RAI was also recorded as hypothyroid, euthyroid or hyperthyroid to access its effect on the post RAI outcome.
Thirty three of these participants were hyperthyroid while twenty two were hypothyroid.
Out of the total 55 patients, 14 (25.5%) were euthyroid, 30 patients (54.5%) were hyperthyroid and 11 ( 20%) patients were hypothyroid.
demonstrated that vascular endothelium is a specific target of thyroid hormone evidenced by marked basal vasodilation contributed by excessive endothelial nitric oxide production coupled by exaggerated vascular reactivity because of enhanced sensitivity of the endothelial component and increased vasoconstrictory response to norepinephrine during the hyperthyroid state.
Thus, development of thyroid cancer within a hyperthyroid gland was thought to be uncommon.
Furthermore, an enhanced functional connectivity exists between temporal poles and DMN regions, including the precuneus, inferior parietal lobule, medial frontal cortex, cingulate cortex, ventromedial orbitofrontal cortex, and hippocampus in drug-induced hyperthyroid patients [15].
The hyperthyroid state is associated with bone demineralization resulting in decreased bone mineral density.
Patients were considered to have GD if they had a previous history of known GD, or were biochemically hyperthyroid with evidence of ophthalmopathy, dermopathy or thyroid-antibody positivity.
He was seen by an unnamed nurse practitioner who listed "orthostatic hypotension, viral illness, hyperthyroid and deep vein thrombosis/pulmonary embolism" as possible causes, Mrs Jones said.