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Hypertext transfer protocol Informatics The most commonly used language protocol for transmitting information in Web sites; http on a web address–a URL indicates to Web browsers, “HTML spoken here”. See Client, HTML, Server, Web browser, World Wide Web. Cf Gopher.
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TABLE 1 INTERFACE CHARACTERISTICS RS232 Full duplex baud 19,200 (standard and user selectable 9,600, 38,400, 57,600) Databits 8 Stop bits 1 Parity none Flow control software Xon/Xoff or hardware RTS/CTS signaling Interface 9 pin D type socket LAN/Ethernet 10BaseT 10 MHz LAN TCP/IP Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol DHCP Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol HTTP Hypertext Transfer Protocol ARP Address Resolution Protocol ICMP PING FTP File Transfer Protocol Interface RJ45 connector with integral signaling LEDs USB Version Release 2.0 Interface USB-B type connector Milmega Ltd., Isle of Wight, UK +44 1983 618004,
Hypertext transfer protocol is how the World Wide Web works.
This is accomplished by providing clientless, browser-based access to Web-based resources using HyperText Transfer Protocol (HTTP) reverse-proxy technology.
However, he says that the UnityOne filters are written to recognize anomalies to common protocols such as HTTP (hypertext transfer protocol, the basis of the World Wide Web) learned from prior vulnerabilities, thus enabling the filters to block some new types of attacks.
HTTP (hypertext transfer protocol) or HTTPS, the secure version of HTTP, serves as the method of transport.
A major advantage of the Internet is the ability to link multiple pages together with "hyperlinks" by placing hypertext transfer protocol (http://) references in Web page documents, so that the reader may click on the hyperlink and quickly "jump" visually to another document page, potentially on another Internet server in another location.
HTTP (HyperText Transfer Protocol) The set of rules regulating the transfer of Web-formatted data.
Hypertext Transfer Protocol is the method used to transfer data on the World Wide Web.
What it is: This one sounds a whole lot more confusing than what it actually is--a way for a program running on one computer or platform to communicate with a program running on another computer or platform via HyperText Transfer Protocol (our old friend http) and Extensible Markup Language (our new friend XML, discussed later).
NetCraft collects and collates as many host names providing an HTTP (hypertext transfer protocol) service as it can find, and systematically polls each one with an HTTP request for the server name.
Chris Barlas, CEO of a digital rights consulting firm called Rightscom, believes that the future of DRM standards will compare to that of the World Wide Web Consortium, the standards body that successfully transformed the Internet with hypertext transfer protocol. "Standard bodies like the Web established a focal point for customers," says Barlas, "DRM standards will do the same thing, giving customers a common platform for them to receive their specific content."

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