hypertensive heart disease

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hypertensive heart disease

Hypertensive cardiovascular disease Cardiology A condition characterized by ↑ BP which ↑ cardiac workload; over time, the left ventricle dilates, cardiac output ↓ and CHF ensues HHD associations Ischemic heart disease, ASHD, Obesity. See Hypertension.

Hypertensive heart disease

High blood pressure resulting in a disease of the heart.
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But he said, 'The greatest challenge of the heart in Nigeria at this time is the complication arising from hypertension known as hypertensive heart disease.
ASDRs for cardiovascular diseases, diabetes mellitus and renal disease by population group, SA 2010 Deaths/100 000 Population group population, n Black African Coloured White Asian Cardiomyopathy 26 5 7 6 Cerebrovascular disease 76 34 11 30 IHD 140 107 46 79 Other cardiovascular 64 43 15 57 Hypertensive heart disease 49 108 119 215 Diabetes mellitus 35 30 21 51 Renal disease 19 23 21 20 Note: Table made from bar graph.
Cardiac MRI assessed left ventricular hypertrophy in differentiating hypertensive heart disease from hypertrophic cardiomyopathy attributable to a sarcomeric gene mutation.
Pathologist, Dr Anthony Caslin recorded a cause of death as alcohol poisoning due to hypertensive heart disease and fatty liver.
This opens the way for a new therapeutic strategy in hypertensive heart disease, one we can test for potential to promote regression of heart disease," said Dr.
In the setting of hypertensive heart disease (HHD), this equilibrium is disrupted, leading to left ventricular (LV) collagen accumulation.
In 2007, the county's 10 leading causes of premature death were coronary heart disease, motor vehicle accidents, accidental drug overdose, stroke, chronic liver disease and cirrhosis, suicide, lung cancer, hypertensive heart disease, diabetes and pancreatic cancer.
high blood pressure with no identifiable cause), hypertensive heart disease, hypertensive renal disease, hypertensive heart and renal disease, and secondary hypertension.
A post-mortem revealed he died from hypertensive heart disease, a condition caused by high blood pressure.
A post-mortem found he died of hypertensive heart disease.

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