hypertensive heart disease

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hypertensive heart disease

Hypertensive cardiovascular disease Cardiology A condition characterized by ↑ BP which ↑ cardiac workload; over time, the left ventricle dilates, cardiac output ↓ and CHF ensues HHD associations Ischemic heart disease, ASHD, Obesity. See Hypertension.
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Hypertensive heart disease

High blood pressure resulting in a disease of the heart.
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But he said, 'The greatest challenge of the heart in Nigeria at this time is the complication arising from hypertension known as hypertensive heart disease. Hypertension causes the majority of heart failure and death.
The uncontrolled HTN which resulted from untreated bilateral renal artery stenosis led to hypertensive heart disease that was evident by EKG and echocardiogram findings.
From left ventricular hypertrophy to congestive heart failure: Management of hypertensive heart disease. Prog Cardiovasc Dis 2006;48:326-41.
In contrast, black Africans are in the midst of a cardiovascular epidemic with relatively high ASDRs from cerebrovascular disease, hypertensive heart disease, diabetes mellitus, IHD and cardiomyopathy.
I have high blood pressure and hypertensive heart disease but with the help of Almighty, I will be okay, Mama said, adding he has been regaining his strength.
Serum levels of CT-1 are increased in patients with heart failure, hypertensive heart disease [7, 8].
Hypertensive heart disease, caused by high blood pressure, was also given as a contributing factor by Dr Dalton.
Differential diagnoses for HCM include hypertensive heart disease, "athlete's heart" (a physiologic and non-pathologic left ventricular hypertrophy associated with systematic training), storage diseases, and amyloidosis.
And the rate of death due to hypertensive heart disease, the only category of heart disease not already established as smoking related, was 2.4 times higher in smokers.
Pathologist, Dr Anthony Caslin recorded a cause of death as alcohol poisoning due to hypertensive heart disease and fatty liver.

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