hypertensive arteriopathy


any disease of an artery.
hypertensive arteriopathy widespread involvement of the smaller arteries and arterioles, associated with hypertension and characterized primarily by hypertrophy of the tunica media.
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hy·per·ten·sive ar·te·ri·op·a·thy

arterial degeneration resulting from hypertension.
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hy·per·ten·sive ar·ter·i·op·a·thy

(hī'pĕr-ten'siv ahr-tēr'ē-op'ă-thē)
Arterial degeneration resulting from hypertension.
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However, hyperhomocysteinemia has been associated an increased risk of LI in the BG, and hyperlipidemia always leads to isolated LI in the deep gray nuclei/internal capsule.[40],[41] In patients with diabetes, LI is more frequently caused by branch orifice atheromatous disease than hypertensive arteriopathy, the latter of which is the predominant vascular pathology underlying strictly deep/mixed CMB.[42]
MRI-visible perivascular spaces in cerebral amyloid angiopathy and hypertensive arteriopathy. Neurology 2017;88:1157-64.
"This regional association with dementia subtypes is consistent with the hypothesis that lobar cerebral microbleeds reflect cerebral amyloid angiopathy, which is consistent with Alzheimer's disease, while those in deep areas reflect hypertensive arteriopathy, which is important in vascular dementia," Lenore Launer, Ph.D., said at the Alzheimer's Association International Conference 2014.

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