Excessive sebaceous secretion.
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In contrast to diffuse steatosis, focal hepatic hypersteatosis (FHS) is much less known.
Our institutional database was searched for several keywords including "focal hepatic hypersteatosis", and "focal hypersteatosis".
Also hypersteatosis can develop on follow-up CT studies as a new lesion, which can be confusing.
Regarding the most reliable imaging modality for diagnosis of FHS, MRI appears to be the reference standard, because it is the only modality that can diagnose hypersteatosis as there is no other lesion demonstrating greater signal drop on T1-weighted out-of-phase images compared with background fatty liver.
Focal hypersteatosis: a pseudolesion in patients with liver steatosis.
* Focal hypersteatosis (FHS), which refers to more focal fat deposition within an already steatotic liver, is a pseudolesion that can be encountered more often in cancer patients receiving chemotherapy.