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Pertaining to or characterized by supersonic speeds of Mach 5 or greater. Although any speed above the speed of sound may be referred to as supersonic, speeds of Mach 5 or greater are specifically referred to as hypersonic.
[hyper- + L. sonus, sound]
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The Defense Ministry, in a statement, said Saturday the hypersonic missile was launched from a MiG-31 supersonic interceptor jet that took off from an airfield in the South Military District in Russia's southwest.
Even though the US Air Force has been toying with the technology since the 1960s, hypersonic aircraft and the scramjets that propel them, remain on the bleeding edge of aerospace engineering.
Developing propulsion technologies capable of operating at subsonic, supersonic, and hypersonic speeds would enable us to build future generations of high-speed military aircraft to ensure air dominance.
Hypersonic platforms have the potential to penetrate robust air defenses as their high rates of speed would make them difficult to stop.
However, hypersonic weapons would render them meaningless, causing greater tension among countries that take at least some reassurance from their BMD systems.
Orbital ATK (NYSE: OA) has tested a 3D-printed hypersonic engine combustor at NASA Langley Research Center, the company said.
This requirement created the foundation of the Pentagon's support for CPGS during the Bush and Obama administrations and the subsequent turn to hypersonic weapons that offer all of the above-mentioned strategic options.
But the Australian military had limited success in hypersonic tests in 2010.
MOSCOW - Russia's Perspective Research Foundation (FPI) is creating an integrated system of modeling for the development of hypersonic aircraft.
The Hypersonic Inflatable Aerodynamic Decelerator, or HIAD, is being developed by NASA's Langley Research Center to decelerate spacecraft from the hypersonic speeds at which they travel when in space as they enter planetary atmospheres.
21 ( ANI ): Pentagon is going hypersonic with an experimental scramjet-powered, ultrahigh speed strike vehicle.
BEIJING Wed Jan 15, 2014 (Reuters) - China has flight-tested a hypersonic missile delivery vehicle in a move that was scientific in nature and not targeted at any country, the Defense Ministry said on Monday.