A state characterized by abnormally enhanced secretion of pituitary growth hormone (somatotropin).
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Functional and morphological changes in the adenohypophysis of dogs with induced primary hypothyroidism: loss of TSH hypersecretion, hypersomatotropism, hypoprolactinemia, and pituitary enlargement with transdifferentiation.
Most common endocrine abnormality documented in our series was hypersomatotropism (20%) (5) and hyperprolactinemia (20%) followed by hyperthyroidism (15) (8%), hypophosphatemia (16) (4%) and precocious puberty (4%).
Forms of endocrine hyperfunction reported in association with MAS include precocious puberty, hyperthyroidism, hypercortisolism, hypersomatotropism, and hypophosphatemic rickets (1-3).