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1. Highly or excessively sensitive.
2. Responding excessively to the stimulus of a foreign agent, such as an allergen.

hy′per·sen′si·tive·ness, hy′per·sen′si·tiv′i·ty n.
hy′per·sen′si·tize′ (-tīz′) v.


(hi?per-sen'si-tiv) [? + ?]
Excessively and abnormally susceptible to a stimulus (e.g., an antigen like pollen). Synonym: supersensitive
See: allergy; anaphylaxis; hay fever


n abnormally sensitive.

Patient discussion about hypersensitive

Q. ALLERGIES what are they,who gets them,are they caused by pollen and food?

A. Allergy is the exaggerated and out-of-place reaction of the immune system to external substances or stimuli that are not harmful to the body, so the reaction actually damages the body instead of helping it.

The may be pollen and foods, as well as insect stings, drugs and almost any other substances.

You may read more here:

Q. what is the most common allergy? is it dust allergy?

A. thanks, I've heard of a new allergy treatment and trying to learn some more about the different kinds...

Q. what are the symptoms of Allergy?

A. from you question i understand that you think you might developed an allergy. so here is a web page with couple of videos explaining about allergies:

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Funded by the National Science Foundation, the scientists are now using MAGIC to screen the 5,000-line Nested Association Mapping population--recently established by ARS scientists--for other genomic regions responsible for hypersensitive response.
In the present study, we analyzed the effects of MWs at different frequencies on chromatin conformation and 53BP1 and [gamma]-H2AX foci in lymphocytes from healthy and hypersensitive subjects.
The inhibited type of alcoholic may be hypersensitive to stress, which can be caused by a deficiency of brain chemicals similar to morphine and heroin.
The small black handle is easy to manipulate, making it possible to evoke mouth opening, insert for sucking or to help residents overcome hypersensitive gag reflexes.
SAN ANTONIO - A mutant gene that makes estrogen receptors hypersensitive has been identified, and it may play an important role in the evolution of invasive breast cancer, investigators reported at the annual breast cancer symposium sponsored by the San Antonio Cancer Institute.
Be aware that employees may be hypersensitive," she says.
I think our seminaries would do well to spend more time helping our future priests attain hypersensitive consciences rather than complicate otherwise simple decisions with illusions of an ability to flirt with evil (even in the most remote fashion) and not commit sin.
But boat engines, prohibited altogether on some hypersensitive lakes, can release potentially toxic amounts of fuel and oil into the environment.
One Japanese Ministry of Finance (MOF) official recently labeled Foreign Minister Makiko Tanaka a "troublemaker" seemingly beefing up claims that the new Japanese official is hypersensitive to the Chinese and appears anti-American at inside meetings with colleagues (see From the Founder).
It seems that we as a community are hypersensitive to issues of image and breaking still further outside the norm; therefore, we unconsciously exclude the disabled from dialogues of GLBT issues and, indeed, from most social situations.
Coley's lead asthma/allergy compound is a novel immune modulator designed to redirect hypersensitive (allergic and asthmatic) immune responses into more normal responses, thereby eliminating or significantly reducing the appearance of symptoms.