hypersegmented neutrophil

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hy·per·seg·ment·ed neu·tro·phil

an aged and degenerated neutrophil in which there may be 6-10 lobes in the nucleus.
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Oil Immersion View of Hypersegmented Neutrophil in Peripheral Smear (Leishman Stain 100 x 10X)
Peripheral blood smear revealed an abundance of schistocytes and occasional hypersegmented neutrophils (see Figures 3 and 4).
Bahitz et al., "Hypersegmented neutrophils and vitamin B12 deficiency.
The differential shows 39 percent hypersegmented neutrophils, and the white blood cell count is slightly decreased.
Patients with Peripheral smear showing predominant macrocytes, hypersegmented neutrophils, and clinical features suspected of megaloblastic anemia; like knuckle pigmentation, early graying of hair, dyspepsia, bald tongue along with anemia, proven B12 deficiency biochemically and bone marrow proven megaloblastic anemia were included in the study.
It is a rapidly correctable disorder and should be promptly notified.M Hypersegmented neutrophils were noted in 60% compared to 84.9% of cases in Tilak V et al in megaloblastic anemia.
Total WBC count was found subnormal in about 60% of the patients, thrombocytopenia (26%), and hypersegmented neutrophils (14%).
Peripheral blood smear showed normocytic hypochromic red blood cells with hypersegmented neutrophils, severe thrombocytopenia.