Excessive division of a tissue or part into segments.
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The definition of hypersegmentation was set at 4% or more of neutrophils with 5 distinct lobes, connected by filaments or of any number of cells with 6 or more lobes.
MA is diagnosed by demonstrating low serum levels of vitamin [B.sub.12] or folate, along with characteristic peripheral blood smear morphology (including macro-ovalocytosis, teardrops, varying numbers of red cell fragments and basophilic stippling, and hypersegmentation (right shift) of neutrophils).
Hypersegmentation in B12 deficiency," Acta Haematologica, vol.
As in other categories, hypersegmentation is affecting the coconut water segment of the category, and manufacturers are finding ways to differentiate their brands.
Neutrophil hypersegmentation is often seen in megaloblastic anaemia [29,31].
Histopathological analysis of the wounds in control rats, 3 days after wound creation, showed fibrin material and neutrophils in degeneration and hypersegmentation. The connective tissue was edematous, with formation of fibrin strands with the initiation of proliferation of immature fibroblasts and occasional mitotic figures were present.
Eosinophils in the peripheral blood smear are often morphologically unremarkable, but, in some cases, the eosinophils show significant cytologic atypia, including hypogranulation, microgranulation, coarse basophilic granules, vacuolization, and nuclear hypersegmentation or hyposegmentation (Figure 1, A through D).
Other dysplastic features such as pseudo-myelokathexis or hypersegmentation of nuclei were not observed.
Hypersegmentation was defined as greater than 5 five-lobed cells/100 neutrophils or any one neutrophil with greater than 6 lobes.
Megaloblastic anaemia due to vitamin B12 deficiency was diagnosed through a combination of clinical and laboratory findings, including clinical presentation, increased mean corpuscular volume (macrocytosis), hypersegmentation of neutrophils, and low vitamin B12 levels.
The spectrum includes segmentation anomalies such as hemivertebrae, fused vertebrae or hypersegmentation. Any combination of vertebral and other skeletal anomalies is seen, especially rib and sternal abnormality.