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(hī'pĕr-sā'lēn, -sā'līn),
Marked by increased salt concentrations in a saline solution.
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Firstly, the only hypersaline groundwater (Pozzo del Sale spring and a couple of wells drilled very close to the spring) was thoroughly investigated, by analyzing the variation of some hydrochemical and isotopic features over time.
Comparison of bacterial biodiversity and enzyme production in three hypersaline lakes; Urmia, Howz-Soltan and Aran-Bidgol.
According to data previously collected (Campos et al., 1996; Zuniga et al., 1999; De Los Rios and Soto, 2009), both hypersaline sites would differ from the traditional description of environments classified as Athassalohaline (inland waters) and Thassalohaline (marine waters).
Gammacerane, which is considered to be an indicator of reducing and hypersaline conditions [35-36] or associated with a stratified water column [37], is abundant in all of the oil shale samples studied (Fig.
In recent years, novel halophilic and halotolerant actinomycetes of diverse genera from diverse families have been isolated from hypersaline environments [9-11].
This hypersaline terminal lake is 67 km long, up to 18 km wide, and 300 m in depth at its deepest point [1, 2].
It is also represented in estuaries, such as the Saloum estuary in Senegal, which exhibits extreme variations in salinity, ranging from fresh to extremely hypersaline (up to 130 psu), and where seasonal variations in salinity can be considerable [28, 29].
The depositional environment interpreted is restricted inner ramp for mudstone microfacies, middle to outer ramp for wackestone microfacies, inner to middle ramp hypersaline lagoons and its beaches for packstone microfacies and inner ramp for grainstone microfacies.
Phenol degradation by halophilic bacteria isolated from hypersaline environments.