hyperplastic tissue

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hy·per·plas·tic tis·sue

(hīpĕr-plastik tishū)
In dentistry, excessively movable tissue about the maxilla or mandible.
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A, B: External view of galls; C, D: General view of syncytium, and hyperplastic tissue; E, F: Syncytium occupying cells of the xylem; G: Syncytium development in a lateral root of gall; H: Detail of G, showing the syncytium.
Studies have shown that finasteride may decrease hyperplastic tissue by approximately 25%, and that it may decrease the risk of patients developing urinary retention due to BPH by 57%, as well as reducing patient's risk of undergoing BPH surgery by 55% (Boyle et al., 1996).
Microscopic examination showed fibrous hyperplastic tissue with chronic inflammation.
Generalized gingival enlargement may vary from mild enlargement of interdental papillae to such severe uniform enlargement that the crowns of the teeth may be covered by hyperplastic tissue (Gungormus et al, 2002).
All the hyperplastic tissue were identified and removed from the vagina and the episiotomy incision was closed.
The lesion was painless as nerves do not proliferate within the reactive hyperplastic tissue. Surgical excision is a successful treatment of choice in minimizing the recurrence of lesion.
The maxillary arch was completely edentulous with hyperplastic tissue in the premaxillary area, while the mandibular arch was completely edentulous.
Normal saline was used to wash the surface of wounds, and remove cutinized hyperplastic tissues around the wound.