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hy·per·o·pic (H),

Pertaining to hyperopia.


(H) (hī'pĕr-ō'pik)
Pertaining to hyperopia.
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Different hyperopic OK lens manufacturers approach this problem in different ways and typically either create a continuous curve blend into the first peripheral curve from the edge of the optic, or design peripheral curves that provide extra areas of compression to reduce the high bearing pressure that would otherwise occur at the optic edge junction.
00D less than the least hyperopic meridian and half the cylinder if >2.
53) Pre-myopes are likely to be less hyperopic than expected for their age--manifest hyperopia of +0.
The ability to treat hyperopic astigmatism on the VISX STAR laser systems will benefit our customers and their patients.
The principles are similar to refractive surgery: tissue removal from the central cornea causes flattening and a hyperopic shift in the refractive error.
In fact, the Study projected that by the Year 2000, there would be 118 million Americans over the age of 40--and about 60 million of them (or 52 percent) would be hyperopic.
Firstly, hyperopic patients who are not yet presbyopic may have a significant disparity between their manifest (dry) and latent (cycloplegic/wet) refractions.
As a consequence, the relative peripheral hyperopic defocus that is typically found in myopic eyes, is reduced, which is thought to remove the primary stimulus for axial elongation and subsequent myopia progression (see Figure 2).
For instance, Spherical contact lenses are the typical, rounded design of contact lenses, which can correct myopia (nearsightedness) or hyperopic (farsightedness).
22 Studies have even reported shortening of AL and hyperopic shift after local segmental SB, with myopic shift and increase in AL observed using encirclement SB.
Sowmya et al showed increased thickness in temporal and superior quadrants only in hyperopic eyes, and thinning of RNFL in superior and inferior quadrants only in myopic eyes2.