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a person with hyperopia.
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One suffering from hyperopia.
Synonym(s): hypermetrope
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A person who has hyper-metropia.
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The mean axial length of myopes was significantly higher than emmetropes and hypermetropes (P < 0.001).
In our study we found that dry eye was more prevalent in patients with refractive errors, with 48.2% being hypermetropes and 37.7% being myopes.
In our study, we found that HOAs were lower in myopes when compared to hypermetropes (Table- II).
60 patients of 300 patients were hypermetropes with average corneal thickness of 545 micrometres with SD (34).
* The potential loss of up to two lines of best-corrected visual acuity with high hypermetropes.
This is the first study of its kind in Kashmiri population and we found that the majority (91.66%) of the patients had an AL in the range of 20-24 mm, followed by myopes (7.24%), who had a mean AL of 26.25 mm (>24mm) and the least (1.1%) of the population constituted hypermetropes, who had a mean AL of 19.15 mm (<20).
The regression analysis between AXL and CRC showed that an increase of 1 unit in the CRC showed an increase of AXL by 3.03mm with an [R.sup.2] of 0.83, which means that there is a chance of 83.5% chance to explain this correlation, which is better when compared to the analysis between the reading in myopes and hypermetropes. The regression analysis between CRC and AXL in hypertropes gave an [R.sup.2] value of 0.51, which shows that the correlation between the CRC and AXL could be explained only with a chance of 51.6%.
Hypermetropes and those in whom best corrected visual acuity could not be achieved underwent cycloplegic refraction with tropicamide eye drops.
(10) Presbyopia occurs early in females and hypermetropes as compared to males and myopes of same age group.
(5, 6) it was also found out that the mean IOP increased gradually from 14.19 mm Hg in hypermetropes to 16.00 mm Hg among high myopes.
This is in contrast to our conclusion where we got a majority of emmetropes and a few hypermetropes. We have not recorded myopes.
* Refractive error (myopes usually have larger pupils than hypermetropes)