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a person with hyperopia.


One suffering from hyperopia.
Synonym(s): hypermetrope


/hy·per·met·rope/ (-me´trōp) hyperope.


A person who has hyper-metropia.
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The potential loss of up to two lines of best-corrected visual acuity with high hypermetropes.
5% chance to explain this correlation, which is better when compared to the analysis between the reading in myopes and hypermetropes.
10) Presbyopia occurs early in females and hypermetropes as compared to males and myopes of same age group.
Myopes seeked intervention late as compared to their emmetropes and hypermetropes of same age group.
Hypermetropes and those in whom best corrected visual acuity could not be achieved underwent cycloplegic refraction with tropicamide eye drops.
This is in contrast to our conclusion where we got a majority of emmetropes and a few hypermetropes.
All hypermetropes should be dispensed with as small a lens blank size as possible, in order to help reduce the centre thickness and weight of the lenses.
This splitting of the neurosensory retina is present in 7% of the population over 40 years of age and occurs almost exclusively in hypermetropes, most commonly in the inferior temporal quadrant and often in both eyes.