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Hypokalemia: muscle weakness, ventroflexion of head, forelimb hypermetria, arrythmias, and PU/PD
This is the hypermetria occurring at line 23, (114) where he is talking about suffering, and later the same kind of hypermetria occurs, in a l.
9) Ocular hypermetria with gaze from up left to fixation and up right to fixation.
The administration of the plant was suspended after the first clinical signs of poisoning were observed (rough hair coat, weight loss, and nervous signs associated mainly with cerebellar and brain stem lesions as difficulties in standing, ataxia, hypermetria, wide-based stance, lateral gait, intention tremors, spastic paresis or weakness, abnormal postural reactions, nystagmus, loss of equilibrium and falling to the side or backward).
Ataxia, paresis, hypermetria, muscle spasm, and other CNS-induced signs can reduce mobility.