hyperkinetic dysarthria

hy·per·ki·net·ic dys·ar·thri·a

dysarthria caused by chorea and myoclonus.
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hy·per·ki·net·ic dys·arth·ri·a

(hī'pĕr-ki-net'ik dis-ahr'thrē-ă)
Dysarthria associated with disorders of the extrapyramidal motor system resulting in involuntary movements of the articulatory and respiratory systems that cause variations in voice loudness and rate and in interruptions in ongoing speech.
See also: extrapyramidal motor system, myoclonus, athetosis, Tourette syndrome
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The difficulties detected at this level are associated with defects in muscle tone, rate, direction and range of movements that result in sound distortions, defects in speech rate and / or problems in the initiation of the movements characteristic of spastic, ataxic, hypokinetic and hyperkinetic dysarthria.
The discussion of treating apraxia of speech has been expanded and reorganized to reflect current research, and more treatment information is given on hypokinetic and hyperkinetic dysarthria. Outdated treatment procedures for flaccid dysarthria have been replaced by newer ones.