hyperimmune serum

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hy·per·im·mune se·rum

antisera with a high antibody titer produced by repeated injections of antigens.
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To this end, two Inhibition ELISA methods (IEM), using the mAbs or hyperimmune serum, were developed to determine total anti-CHIKV antibodies.
Then these membranes were crossblotted with the hyperimmune serum raised against M.
Hyperimmune serum collected 21 weeks after the primary immunization of the rabbits was used in a checkerboard titration with the diminazene-enzyme conjugate to determine their optimum dilutions.
Tissues from three of four case-patients who died contained viral antigen that reacted with hyperimmune serum against Hendra virus by immun ohistochemistry (IHC).
However, immunofluorescence testing of the brains of all mice, using rabies-specific hyperimmune serum, produced negative results (data not shown).
The hyperimmune serum specificity was tested by antigenic erythrocyte diagnosticums: plague, pasteurellosis, pseudotuberculosis, Leptospira.
The hyperimmune serum (1 ml, 256 IHA units) injected intravenously and intramuscularly to PM-challenged rabbits showed 100% protection and 66.66% protection, respectively, while antigen control group showed 0% protection.
Standard serum for determination of human IgG specific for GBS pilus proteins was obtained by pooling hyperimmune serum from persons colonized by GBS.
Immunohistopathological studies: Hyperimmune serum was raised against ND virus in rabbits (Samiullah et al., 2006).
Hyperimmune serum samples raised against the isolated bacteria neutralized the CPE of the bacteria up to a 1:719 dilution.
Slide agglutination with type-specific hyperimmune serum and specific multiplex PCR (8,9) identified the isolate as serotype 2.
Consistent with this assumption, a rat hyperimmune serum specimen, raised against a truncated recombinant rat HEV CP derivative, reacted strongly with the homologous antigen but weakly with genotype 3 HEV antigen (P.