hyperimmune serum

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hy·per·im·mune se·rum

antisera with a high antibody titer produced by repeated injections of antigens.


possessing very large quantities of specific antibodies in the serum.

hyperimmune serum
serum especially prepared for temporary passive protection or treatment of animals. Commercial preparation is by repeated injections of the selected antigens.
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A 100 [micro]l of hyperimmune serum diluted with coating buffer was pipetted into wells of microtitre plate (96 well Immulon 4[R] Dynatech labs, Chantily, USA) and incubated at 4[degrees]C overnight and thereafter frozen to -20[degrees]C.
We developed the scheme of immunization of animal--producers, depending on the dose, the multiplicity, and the injection site and produced a multivalent antileptospirosis hyperimmune serum for immunotherapy of animals.
active immunization done by vaccination, passive immunization achieved by transfer of antibodies, which is further typed into natural arising from maternal antibodies and artificial induced by inoculation of hyperimmune serum.
Raising hyperimmune serum against avian paramyxovirus (APMV-1) and pigeon paramyxovirus (PPMV-1) in rabbits and their cross reactivity.
The investigation of the hyperimmune serum samples detected neutralizing activity between the pandemic (H1N1) 2009 virus and European avH1N1 vaccine strains (A/sw/Netherlands/25/1980, A/sw/IDT/Re230/1992, A/sw/Haselunne/IDT2617/2003), as well as with the cH1N1 strain A/New Jersey/8/1976 (Fort Dix reassortant).
A [greater than or equal to]32-fold reduction from homologous titers of all hyperimmune serum used was noted with WsAk08.
tsutsugamushi is characterized by a wide antigenic diversity, and isolates are conventionally classified on the basis of reactivity with hyperimmune serum against prototype strains (e.
For immunohistochemical detection of TBEV antigens, a noncommercial rabbit polyclonal hyperimmune serum (dilution 1:1,000) was used as described previously (3).
For the microneutralization assay, 50 [micro]L of heat-inactivated human and animal control hyperimmune serum samples were serially twofold diluted in 10% FBS-DMEM in triplicate wells.
Hyperimmune serum from a pig experimentally inoculated with the porcine-HEV strain and preimmune serum from a noninoculated pig and a Rhesus Monkey (Macaca mulatta) (serum donated by S.
The RVFV assay used polyclonal hyperimmune ascitic fluid raised against RVFV strain Zagazig 501 as the capture antibody and rabbit hyperimmune serum raised against RVFV Zagazig 501 as the detector antibody.