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Hypericum perforatum

Herbal medicine
Popularly known as Saint John’s wort, see there.

A homeopathic remedy (referred to simply as Hypericum) used for neuralgias or injuries affecting a nerve-rich body region (e.g., the fingers or lips). It is also used to treat asthma, back pain, crush injuries, puncture wounds and toothache.
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One of the best is Hypericum `Hidcote', growing to a dome shape 1.2m (4ft) high and rather wider.
Hypericum x inodorum is of similar height but upright with dark leaves, often tinted bronze, and clusters of small blooms with fluffy stamens followed by dark red berries.
This species has one drawback ( along with Hypericum calycinum it is more susceptible to rust than others.
The water-lover is Hypericum elodes, which makes a discreet plant for the pond margin with woolly grey-green leaves and small flowers that appear sporadically throughout summer.