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Denoting hyperemia.


Denoting hyperemia.
Synonym(s): hyperaemic.


adj having a large volume of blood in any given place in the body.
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Further, we will now be able to conduct pullback without the need for administration of hyperemic agents.
It is secretolytic, expectorant, mildly antispasmodic, and a mild local hyperemic.
05], whereas no changes in the baseline and hyperemic blood flow, blood pressure, or heart rate were observed.
Physical examination revealed lower extremity flaccid paralysis, absent reflexes, decreased light touch until T-6, but no hyperemic band and palpable bladder.
heat belted to a hyperemic desert to mat nothing in
2] reading may imply a malfunction of the autoregulatory system within the brain and a hyperemic state that increases CBF such as when a patient is febrile (Stiefel et al.
These lesions are described as raised ulcers (1-8 or 1-20 mm in diameter) sometimes encircled by hyperemic mucosa and occasionally with hard, ochre-colored material covering a central crater (Lankester and Smith 1980; Black 1984).
Besides measuring the diameter and the postischemic hyperemic flow, the women were asked to give an exercise and menstrual history and to keep a 3-day food diary.
These preliminary results show that the prior observations can be replicated prospectively, and that a Hybrid iFR/FFR approach can provide a greater than 90% agreement with FFR while saving the use of hyperemic agent in more than half of patients.