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Characterized by abnormally increased coagulation.


(hī″pĕr-kō-ag″yŭ-lă-bil′ĭt-ē) [ hyper- + coagulability]
An increased ability of anything to coagulate, but esp. the blood.
hypercoagulable (-kō-ag′yŭ-lă-bĕl), adjective


characterized by increased coagulability.
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It is believed that this hypercoagulable or prothrombotic state of malignancy occurs due to the ability of tumor cells to activate the coagulation system [6].
The associations between inflammation, hypercoagulable state, and hemostatic changes are established [4, 5].
Activated protein C resistance (FVL) and thrombosis: factor V mutations causing hypercoagulable states.
5] Shortened clotting times could, therefore, be the expression of a hypercoagulable state.
These may be secondary to a variety of factors, such as venous endothelial cell damage, a potential hypercoagulable state, and the impedance of blood flow or venous stasis (Virchow's triad).
Decreased clotting and clot formation time as well as increased fibrinolysis also have a unique TEG tracing, which correlates with the specific hypocoagulable or hypercoagulable state.
Manifestations Early-onset Late-onset encephalitis; encephalitis; early-onset late-onset myelitis; myelitis; aseptic cerebellar meningitis dysfunction; Guillain-Barre' syndrome; cranial and peripheral neuropathies Vascular Unclassifiable Occlusion Definition Vasculitic or -thrombotic vascular occlusion* Manifestations Striatal Acute necrosis; disseminated stroke; encephalopsychologic myelitis disorders * Either vasculitic and thrombotic, or both; with or without systemic hypercoagulable state
They include individuals with a hypercoagulable state, endocarditis, a crescendo event, known ipsilateral large-vessel stenosis or occlusion, or CT or MRI evidence of recent infarction.
One of them presented with splenic infarction, which is a rare manifestation of this hypercoagulable state: only one case, has so far been reported in the medical literature.
A hypercoagulable workup (protein C, protein S, factor II mutation, antithrombin III level, lupus anticoagulant, MTHFR mutation, cryoglobulin, homocystine, cardiolipin antibody, lipoprotein (a), beta-2 glycoprotein) showed abnormality of Factor V Leiden with heterozygousity for R506Q polymorphism.