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excess of cholesterol in the blood.
familial hypercholesterolemia hyperlipoproteinemia (type II).


The presence of an abnormally large amount of cholesterol in the blood.
Synonym(s): hypercholesteremia, hypercholesterolaemia
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This same student also reported a family history of hypercholesteremia and a female relative with a history of heart disease.
Obesity and abdominal obesity not only directly increases risk of CAD but also predispose to other CAD risk factors like hypertension, DM, hyperuricemia, hypercholesteremia and physical inactivity.
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(2002) with coronary disease (156/164) MRC/BHD Heart Healthy subjects P, r 5.0 y Protection study n = 20500 (2002) MRC/BHF Heart Protection study (2002) ASAP Hypercholesteremia r, p-c, db 6.0 Salonen et al.
Hyperuricemia-relationship to hypercholesteremia and acute myocardial infarction.
Based on these findings, the partners have concluded that the regular intake of natto helps improve hypercholesteremia, hypertriglyceridemia, as well as the quality of life.
NHANES has come a long way since 1960, when researchers at the CDC began periodically conducting interviews and making physical assessments of cohort participants, including collecting blood and urine samples for detecting everything from hypercholesteremia to diabetes.
Patients with a history of smoking, hypertension, diabetes or hypercholesteremia are at an increased risk for developing atherosclerosis.[3]
Using the Kurosawa and Kusanagi-Hypercholesterolemic (KHC) rabbits, laboratory rabbits which specifically develop hereditary hypercholesteremia, the company has examined how an intake of Amami-no-Mizu (hardness of 1000), its proprietary high mineral water derived from deep seawater, affects hypertension and arteriosclerosis.
Past medical history revealed a five-year history of stable angina, coronary artery disease, organic heart disease, hypercholesteremia and spinal arthritis.
Keywords: Anti-oxidant activity: Cholesterol metabolism; Coronary heart disease; Hypercholesteremia: Lipid profiles; Withania somnifera